Welcome to our new site!

Thanks for checking out our new website!! (Live on July 6, 2011) We want to share the story of the great work that is happening in South Dallas through our growing group of people who mentor children there. A website is a great way for us to share our story, so we hope that you read, enjoy, and visit our website often for updates on how the Gospel is going forth in South Dallas through relationships!

Thanks for reading and consider how you may join us!


Carly Pickens, Executive Director

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3 Responses to Welcome to our new site!

  1. Brian Z. says:

    Congrats on the new site! It’s looking great!

  2. Nick R. says:

    Amazing work on the site! Looks to be a great resource!

  3. Patty Kinkead says:

    When the right seed is planted in the right soil the growth is endless. COH new website displays God’s work growing endlessly in South Dallas. A vision of a few that has turned into a promise for so many. Thanks for the ability to view COH at work from afar. The events calendar is great!

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