We need to know Him

Encouragement to our mentors from our ladies mentor coordinator:

I was talking to a friend the other day about the importance of knowing who Christ is. How when we truly know Him, study the scriptures, and dig into the gospels everything changes. For me the more I know Him, the longer I walk with Him, and the deeper I fall in love with Him; the more my life changes and the more He demands of me. Who is Christ? Who does the world say He is? Who do the Scriptures, breathed by God, say He is? Who do our mentees say He is?

This is a question of true importance as we walk this narrow road. The world is going to say different things: He’s our homeboy, a good man, a prophet like all other prophets, but the truth is: He’s everything! He’s life. He’s salvation. He’s love. He’s truth. He’s the Alpha and Omega. We need to know who He is. We need to know what He did. We need to know what He is doing. We need to know what He will do. And we need to know what He’s calling us to.

This world is full of pretty lies, deep brokenness, and alluring temptation. We must know who He is in order to fight!

Understanding who He is will change our lives and transform our communities. Understanding who He is will demand our very lives. “To live is Christ and to die is Gain.” To understand the beauty of those words spoken by the Apostle Paul, we must know the deepest recesses of our beautiful Savior’s loving and compassionate heart. We have to take Him seriously.

I can doubtless live with or without Jesus as a religious genius, as an ethecist, as a gentleman-just as, after all, I can also live without Plato and Kant…Should, however, there be something in Christ that claims my life entirely with the full seriousness that here God himself speaks and if the word of God once became present only in Christ, then Christ has not only relative but absolute, urgent significance for me…Understanding Christ means taking Christ seriously. Understanding the claim means taking seriously his absolute claim on our commitment. ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Ask your mentee who she thinks Christ is. What does she know about Him? What did He do for her? I urge you to study the Gospels with your mentee. This should be the rock on which you build your relationship. To know Christ is to know love and life. Let’s make disciples!

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” -John 14:6


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