True MENtors Needed

Hey CoH Family,

Each year, we get the word out to Christians all over the metroplex about the need for mentors, particularly in the South Dallas neighborhood. And each year, men and women step up to the call to make disciples and walk alongside young people and families in deep, committed relationships. To that we say thank you!

Yet as always there is a need for more True MENtors.

What is a #trueMENtor?

#trueMENtors are MEN who teach younger guys about being MEN

#trueMENtors understand the great commision and seek to make disciples

#trueMENtors rally other men to become #trueMENtors

#trueMENtors are humble: they expect to learn from the younger guy, as well

How can you help?

-Post the pic below on your social media to rally any future #trueMENtors

-If you are already a #trueMENtor, post and tell why you became one, use the hashtag #trueMENtor

-Ladies, you can do this too! Please spread the word and shout out any #trueMentors you know.

Right now there are 19 young men and counting on our waiting list, waiting for a #trueMENtor. Let’s spread the word!




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