Transform~ A blessing!!

A huge part of starting Champions of Hope was the Transform project organized by The Village Church at Charles Rice Learning Center in 2008. In the summer of 2008, over 400 volunteers came out to clean, build, and paint to make Charles Rice a great place for learning. In 2009 and 2010, even more volunteers came out to beautified Charles Rice with great artwork, murals, and playground games.

Through this awesome project that brought so many people together, we were able to build a great relationship with Charles Rice. That partnership allowed us to launch our pilot program in August of 2008 and start this awesome journey of relational ministry with some many great kids and families in the South Dallas community. (The relationship with Rice has also led to a partnership with JJ Rhoads, where we will expand this fall.)

I write this to express deep thanks to The Village Church for the Transform projects that not only served a school, but brought many volunteers into a neighborhood where they now mentor children or serve the community in other ways all year long. Many have even invested deeply by moving to South Dallas, as a call to be neighbors to families there.

Who knew that this “service project” in 2008 would turn into so much more? We are grateful and will see it’s effects for generations to come.

Transform this year, August 20th: For several reasons, The Village Church is hosting Transform this year at Cary Middle School in North Dallas. (As the Lord would have it, a huge renovation of Charles Rice would not have permitted a Transform there this year, anyway!) We strongly support what the Village will be doing on August 20th at Cary and hope that there is a relationship built with that school for years to come as well. Our mentors have been encouraged to attend and even bring their mentee to serve alongside them.

Continue to pray for the schools in our city, the children who attend, and the families who care for them. And if you are free on August 20th, come on out and serve at Transform!

With great joy,

Carly Pickens

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