The Why?!

Why did I get married? Why did I go back to school after all these years? Why did I sign up for this? Often times we can lose sight of why we made a decision to do what we are currently doing, especially when it’s not going how we “expected” it to go. Though all of the questions I posed where we commonly set our thoughts all have blessed answers to help you press on; I want to focus on the latter one for obvious reasons.

The mission of Champions of Hope is a ministry seeking the transformation of individuals and a community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Gospel-driven relationships. We work to see one area of our city, South Dallas, filled with hope and healing through Christ-centered relationships that start with mentoring, lead to discipleship, and eventually develop leaders of Godly character. The mission statement is only two sentences long, but these two sentences pack a lot of weight, and hold a great deal of responsibility, but most of all it’s why you signed up in the first place. I believe I can confidently say the reason you signed up with this organization is because you are a believer. Now the question becomes a believer in what?

You believe Jesus Christ is the only answer to the brokenness and sin that we all carry. You also believe the only way a person’s heart can change is by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord through sharing and living the Gospel out loud. As a result of believing these things you didn’t say why not sign up with CoH, you said why wouldn’t I sign up with CoH?! There will be days on your mentoring journey just like your journey through every other aspect of life where you will feel defeated, tired, uncertain and confused but remembering the why puts all those things into the proper perspective. Remembering why you signed up will be the only thing that keeps you in the fight!

Love and Prayers,

Marquita Johnson


P.S.  If your protege is entering 9th – 12th grade and you think they are an extraordinary leader, then the Leadership Intensive is just for them! Our aim with this summer program is to develop, train and send out godly leaders from South Dallas. The Intensive will take place at the CoH Office July 10th-28th Monday through Friday 11am-3pm. Only 10 spots available so get those apps in quickly! Application deadline is June 26th. To receive an application, e-mail Marquita Johnson at

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