The Seasons of Mentoring

Vertical banners with winter, spring, summer, autumn trees.

Mentoring is a journey. Like most journeys there are good times and tough times. While each relationship is unique, over the past seven years we’ve seen some patterns in mentoring relationships and learned from the “The 5 Stages of Mentoring”.  Each stage could vary in length but the hope in these mutually transforming relationships push one another to the Lord as you grow closer together over the years.

Stage 1- The Honeymoon: This is the initial stage where you and your protégé get to know one another. Here is where trust and guidelines are established.

Stage 2- The Big Test: There is a point that tests the mentor where you demonstrate that you care are willing to work through the tough issues. This models conflict resolution

Stage 3- The Calm After the Storm: This is a time where you fully understand and help your protégé. Focus on teaching specific life skills.

Stage 4- The Real Mentor and Protégé: Encourage your protégé to move forward in all areas of life and to be less dependent on the mentor.

Stage 5- The Transition- From Mentor to Friend: This is where you grow as friends and are both accountable to the relationship.

Our call is to be steadfast in all the seasons knowing that the Lord is growing us and our protégés through each season.

Billy Rose, Director of Mentoring

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