The Big Picture: Fall (2/25/12)

The Main Focus: The Fall


In the second major scene of God s story we see the fall of man, with sin entering the world through our willful disobedience to seek to become like Him & independent of Him for our value and worth. Instead of giving us a nature more like his, rooted in life and all that is good, we are given a shell of life that leads to death. Today s lesson is intended to provided a basis for understanding our own role in The Story, and how sin affects our lives presently; but also giving a glimpse of the free gift of God.eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

• Key Passage: Genesis 3; Romans 3:23, 6:23

• Scripture & Discussion:

  1. What happened in the garden that led to Adam and Eve being cast out? (Gen. 3)
  2. Who has sinned? (Rom 3:23)
  3. What is the result of sin? (Rom 6:23)
  4. Share how the sin s effects are made known to us through our physical aging, sickness, and distorted affections. Do this by illustrating through your life, and asking them if they ve had any similar experiences. For instance and for an immediate connection to the word death, discuss the loss of a loved one.
  5. Sin is no small thing it leads to it robs us of the very thing it promises to

Gospel Connection

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Scripture teaches us that the result of sin in our lives is death, whether we speak of spiritual or physical death. It also illustrates for us the destructive nature of our sin, in that it leads to the death of the things around us. When we sin against one another, our relationships instead of giving life take it away. Think of the times you been deceitful or hateful towards someone, the relationship instead of being life giving becomes one in a state of decay resulting in it s death. Our hope in Christ results in a reorientation of our willful rebellion, toward life giving obedience.

• Practical Questions:

  • How does sin affect us?
  • Can we earn back what sin has robbed us?
  • Why must the gift be free?

• Memory Verse:

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

(Romans 3:23 ESV)


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