Summertime in Sunny South Dallas

Growing up Muslim, my first exposure to church came through a Vacation Bible School.  Some of our now faithful mentors first exposure to South Dallas came through a Vacation Bible School at a local church.  Your protege’s are anxiously anticipating the fun and freedom of summer, if they don’t already have plans, they are forming them; some are away with relatives for weeks and others just can’t wait to wake up to cartoons for a while and find adventure out of the house for the day.

The summertime is like the fourth quarter of mentoring. In sports, it’s the time where you use your best go-to plays or the ones you’ve been holding onto for a while to use at the right time–in mentoring it’s often the same, a crucial time to connect with your protege.  They are out of school and where and with whom they invest their time shows what they value but also shapes them and what they value as well.  Some of the most fun, informative and memorable moments happen in the summer.

Anticipation is building right now tests are being taken as the school year is winding down and the teachers are looking forward to reprieve from a long year.  But mentors remain available year round, always available to lend a hand, stepping into a teachable moment whether it is through a phone call with a parent you’ve built trust with or just from being a consistent presence–this is great!  I’m excited for this time for you and your protege and I am praying this would be a summer where you take that next step in your relationship with your protege.  Thank you all for your commitment to your proteges and their families in South Dallas, your presence is a consistent picture of the body of Jesus.

Let’s capitalize on this crucial fourth quarter stretch and prepare to reload for the next school year and all the changes that it can bring about for the kids.

  1. If you haven’t yet, ask you protege and their guardian what their summer plans are.

  2. If they are going out of town try to plan a way to stay involved, definitely calling but maybe you could even visit once in the summer or send something in the mail to let them know you are thinking of them. Or you could plan/work on something to give to them when they get back.

  3. If they are in town for the summer, sit down with your calendar and mark off some dates to hangout, plan an adventure or something a little more fun for the summer since it will be hot outside (think water, water  & more water :-).

Check out this flyer for movies down at Fair Park to start the summer off strong!

-Tairi Mobley, 4th-6th Guys Relationship Coordinator

P.S. With all the traveling, trips, visits, summer camps and busyness please keep me in the loop by filling out your logs.  I’ll be having a focused time of prayer everyday in the summer and would love the updates on what is going on.  If you missed April log it here, we are halfway through May so we can log those and set a goal for consistency throughout the summer period.

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