Summer is Here!

Summer is fast approaching; one week of school remaining! The kids are excited and ready for the break. Ah, the bliss of two whole months with no set schedule, no homework, and no waking up early! But all that sounds like a quickly fading mirage, soon replaced by boredom. So, as a mentor, what are some great ways to step in and use this time for ‘making a disciple ; ways to be intentional with your together times?

– – Check out local Dallas churches to find a Vacation Bible School program to participate in together.

– – Invite them into your everyday life. Teach them about grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, savings accounts, shopping on a budget, decorating, fixing your car, babysitting your neighbor, dog sitting. Or whatever is on your plate. Chances are these are things they need to learn, but aren t being taught.

– – Take your mentee to work with you.

– – Find a book on their level, and then read it together out loud. Most children are fearful to read aloud, as some student’s reading levels are far behind their grade levels. I personally recommend reading the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones!

– – Visit your (or a local) college. Spending time talking about perseverance, diligence, goal setting, and the importance of allowing their heart to dream and pray about their futures.

– – Ask deep, hard questions, and then spend a good amount of time praying with them for their family and friends.

– – Share your testimony and life story with them. Making sure to ground it back in the power of the Gospel.

– – Watch a thought-provoking movie, and then follow it up with good, digging deeper sorts of questions.

– – Volunteer somewhere together: Habitat for Humanity, helping one of their elderly neighbors, in a soup kitchen, at a nursing home, or let them think of something they see as vital to their community.

– – Get together with other mentors and mentees for some great bonding time. Talk to your Mentor Coordinator if you re interested in this idea and don t know any other mentors in the area.


-Christina Hickman, Mentor Coordinator

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