Staying power: Encouraging quotes from Mentors over 3 years or more

We recently asked our mentors the question, “What has helped you to persevere as a faithful mentor thus far?” this is what they said…

Sarah (5 Years)

God put LaDarrika in my life for a reason. Sometimes she teaches me more than I teach her. She deserves to have the same opportunities and future story I was blessed to have growing up with people investing in me. Helping facilitate that in any way I can is really important to me. You are setting an example for them to invest in someone in the next generation because of how much it meant to them.

Jack (5 Years)

It was Jesus who invited me into this ministry, it was not my idea. His faithfulness in the invitation to jump into the middle of this young man’s life for the sake of gospel has been life changing, rewarding, frustrating, chaotic, & one big beautiful mess. Jesus is at the center of this ministry, and participating has strengthened my hope in Him as the only hope. He has kept me and (reminds me when I forget) this mentoring deal was His idea & for His purposes & such a blessing to be a part of.

Susanna (3 Years)

Oftentimes, more than what I do or say at any given time when I see Timeria, the thing that speaks the loudest to a is consistency. Being there when she needs me to be. When Timeria saw that she could trust me over time, our relationship became much richer and has expanded into growing relationships with her siblings.

Micah (4 Years)

I would say that being a mentor is one of the biggest blessings in my life. What has helped me stay the course and be committed to mentoring over the years is the relationship I have built with Tarvaris. Through the mentor relationship I have with him, I have learned and been challenged on several issues with my faith in Jesus Christ that I would not have been otherwise. I’ve also been encouraged to observe first-hand the slow ‘shaping’ and ‘molding’ of the man that the Lord is building in Tarvaris. The Lord has called us as believers to make disciples and I see Champions of Hope as a part of that calling and am driven to do that work through Christ’s love for Tarvaris.

Richard (4 years) 

I have been able to see DJ grow into a better man (although often subtle and long times in between) is so encouraging and makes it worth it.To see that DJ’s childlike nature parallels so well to my interaction with the Lord is a great display of my need for the gospel.

Being in a relationship like a mentor where it is encouraged to be purposeful and share the gospel is a very fruitful thing in the life of any Christian. This ability to participate in this small way to what the Lord is doing in the areas that matter is a greatly rewarding gift to see and receive.

Brett (5 Years)

Persistence is defined as a firm continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty. I’ve had the privilege of mentoring with Champions of Hope for the past five years and while all mentor relationships look different, I’m quite certain all face challenges at some point along the way.  My greatest challenge has been finding ways to stay consistent as my responsibilities as a husband and father require more and more of my time.  When inconsistency or apathy threaten my mentoring relationship, my “firm continuance” is rooted in Jesus’ unwavering pursuit of me.

Zach Middleton, Relationship Coordinator

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