Spring Mentoring Ideas


Especially when they first get matched, mentors ask us a lot, “So, what should I actually do with my protege?” This is a totally fair question, especially since most of our mentors don’t spend a lot of time with kids and teens.

The answer is complex, as we would tell you a lot of things in response: Sometimes, do what you would normally be doing anyway. Celebrate holidays and birthdays. Consider going to church or doing a devotional. Incorporate the 5 S’s. Sometimes, just have fun!

There is a lot of freedom as to what you can do with your protege. If we, as staff, were to each write down our last ten hangouts with our proteges, the lists would be really different: they’d be shaped by our personalities, our protege’s interests, and other things. With that in mind, we decided to put our heads together and come up with some ideas of things you can do with your protege in the Spring. Hope this helps you come up with ideas!

–Go for a walk in the park– we LOVE White Rock and Klyde Warren, but there are many lesser-known parks around Dallas

–A BIG tour of dallas — find the dallas BIG statues and pose together with them (check this out to find their locations: http://www.visitdallas.com/big/b-g-locations-map/)

–Fly a kite together

–Eat lunch at the Klyde Warren Park food trucks– Klyde Warren is a bunch of fun, and the food trucks are great too

–Visit the Dallas Museum of Art– General admission is free, and there’s stations where kids can design/make their own art. (Pro tip: the DMA is right by Klyde Warren, so they can be done back to back!)

–Attend the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta on May 2nd!

–Learn how to play croquet or bocce ball with their friends

–Recreate the GoBe Games http://gobegames.com (picture/video scavenger hunt)– The GoBe Games are pretty expensive, but you could make your own photo/video scavenger hunt. Consider coordinating with some other mentor-protege teams and competing against each other!

–Buy produce at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and cook lunch or dinner together

–Invite your protege and his/her younger siblings over for an Easter Egg hunt at your house

–Play outside– football, basketball, soccer, running, anything that gets the heart beating and sweat going

–Read about Jesus’ death and resurrection in the Jesus Storybook Bible (or a “grown-up” Bible if your protege is older)

–Wash & vacuum your or your protege’s guardian’s car together

–Attend Mercy Street’s Eggstravaganza– this event is a fun way to be around other kids and a great event to invite the whole family to

–Plant a tree or some flowers

–Easter Traditions- invite protege and family into your traditions (or to your church service!). Or, if they have their own traditions, go along to theirs. This is a great opportunity to have conversations centered around who Jesus is!

–Have an outdoor BBQ with their/your family or church group

We hope this is helpful! If you have any fantastic Easter traditions or ideas of Springtime mentoring activities, let us know– your ideas just might make their way into a future blog post.



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