Spring Break

In just a few days, the child you mentor is going to leave school and not have to return back for ten days. Ah, the glory of Spring Break! Remember the days when you could hardly sit still as the teacher taught on and on, and school seemed like it would never end? The countdown has begun, and your mentee is itching for the weekend to get here already! However, the likelihood that they spend the entire week sitting in front of the TV, not doing much, is pretty high. Such a perfect opportunity for you to spend your lunch break, hang out after work, or even take the day off to spend with them.

God has blessed us with the privilege of investing and pouring ourselves into these children. What better time than now, when they are sitting around bored, eager to fill their days with anything? Our hope and prayer is that, for at least part of the time next week, their time is filled with Him.and by Him we mean His representative to South D; you!

*For a list of fun local activities, check out our website under Resources for Mentors: Suggested Activities. Enjoy!

-Christina Hickman, Mentor Coordinator

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