Something to Celebrate!

We have so much to thank God for as an organization and today I want to take the time to celebrate our young people who are taking godly leadership seriously!

We completed our 2017 Summer Leadership Intensive Program a couple of weeks ago and it was such a joyous experience. Often times when I find myself outlining curriculum, setting up tours, planning meals and figuring out the day to day logistics; I think of how much it will impact those being served. Will it be beneficial? Will it have a lasting effect? Will they even enjoy the experience? I put out of my mind how it will affect me; and that’s when God shows up.

Part of our hope and mission at Champions of Hope is to develop leaders of godly character. 3 young people made the decision to fill out an application, write an essay and commit to the guidelines set before them to participate in the program. They learned what it meant and looked like to be an extraordinary leader and the skills necessary for marketplace readiness. They were also taken on college and business tours for inspiration for life after high school; in addition to service projects here in their community.

Rejoice with me in the Lord for what He is doing in and through the lives of Kyndall Brown, Eddie Simmons and Jerick Buckley…again I say Rejoice!

It is my hope that they learned new, useful and most importantly godly information that will begin to shape how they view themselves as Christ honoring leaders. But I would be remiss if I didn’t say I believe they blessed me far greater. In these three young leaders I saw beautiful character traits that showed in arriving before time everyday, being attentive, respectful, inquisitive and positive towards one another. They lit our office up with laughter and great stories. It was encouraging to see the fruit of seeds their parents and you as their mentors have sown into their lives.

Love and Prayers,
Marquita Johnson


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