Setting Goals for the New Year

Below is an email from a mentor sharing how he s instilled goal setting into his mentor relationship. His protege E is in 6th grade and we thought this would be beneficial to share. Goal setting can look different depending on where you are in the relationship but no matter where you are, starting to set goals together can be beneficial.

I had both of us sit down for an hour and set some 2013 goals to accomplish together. We made two columns of goals and took turns throwing out specific line items that we could both agree on.

One column was for fun goals – effectively fun things he wanted us to do, like ride our bikes on an off-road trail, go to the Perot museum, put together a model airplane (in process now!), etc.

Another column was for serious goals – these are things that he or us collectively need to get done this year. This ended up being things like make sure E goes to church each week try to get all A s and B s do Matt s assigned reading diligently each week

Overall we landed on 6-10 line items in each column. I made him write down a copy in parallel to mine so that we each have a copy to hold on to. In addition, we both had to agree on each goal that went on the page. E really engaged in this and has discussed our goals a handful of times since doing these a few weeks ago. I think he enjoyed being a part of the process. I was actually a bit surprised that his serious goals struck me as probably too ambitious, so I worked to scale them back to something that was a stretch but still do-able. In the few weeks since we ve done this, it s added a bit of structure to our time together as we are both thinking of the various goals and what we can do today to knock them out.



Fun goals:

  • Go to Dave & Buster s (tied to completing our January reading goal)
  • Visit the new Perot museum
  • Visit the top of Reunion tower
  • Build our plane model
  • Ride our bikes on an off-road trail
  • Go to an SMU basketball and football game
  • Learn how to sail

Serious goals:

  • Finish our January reading goal (tied to Dave & Buster s reward above)
  • Review E s report card each grading period. E to shoot for A s and B s on report cards in all subjects
  • Work on math workbook each day
  • Do a volunteer day together
  • Go to church every week
  • Pick one book of the Bible and study it together
  • Learn all the books of the Bible


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