Serving with Your Protege


Service is usually the toughest of our 5’S to consistently practice with a protege. It’s a tough sell for a South Dallas youth to take time to serve others when often times they are trying to make it day to day.But it is possible. Here are a few things to consider with serving alongside your protege:

1. Tell the “why”- Your protege may never have served before. Before you jump into it, explain why you serve. This is a great opportunity to share that Jesus though being God came serve and not be served.


2. Serve locally- There are many places in Dallas and in South Dallas to serve. Here are a few:


3. Make it routine- Consider serving weekly, monthly, or quarterly so it become routine.

4. Serve in a group- Whether that’s your home group, or inviting a few of your protege’s friends, serving is always more fun in a group.

5. Consider your protege’s interests- Ask your protege how they might like to serve. It may start small like taking out the trash regularly and then build from there.

As you embark on your journey of service, please share with us other ideas. We love to learn alongside you all.

Billy Rose, Director of Mentoring and Discipleship

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