Monthly & Quarterly Contact

It s that time of month: time for our mentors to fill out their monthly or quarterly contact forms! A time when many mentors may say: ‘Another email to respond to?? Or get really excited to share their heart regarding all the investment they ve been putting into their mentee. As mentor coordinators, we too have mixed feelings over this time of the month. For us it means meetings, lots of emails, and a ton of following up. However, it has become one of my favorite times because I feel connected to our mentors as I read their stories and prayer needs. Many times there are struggles. Often there is discouragement or setbacks. But over abundantly there is joy, praises, and hopefulness. Small victories. Massive needs. Great hopes. Pleas for prayer. And I m not just talking about the kiddos. God is at work in our mentors hearts too. Each day we are privileged to hang out and speak truth into our kids lives. This is the time of month where we get to connect one-on-one with our mentors, and it s a rich time! Rich in that we as a staff get to, multiple times a week, join together and pray through these things. So, mentors send us your stories, your frustrations, your joys, and mostly your prayer requests- we re here eagerly waiting!!

-Christina Hickman, Mentor Coordinator

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