Middle School Transition Meetings


It may be hard to believe but your protege will be in middle school this upcoming Fall! This is both exciting and scary as they begin this new stage. We have learned that this is a difficult but rewarding time as you walk through life with an emerging adult.

Champions of Hope would like to support you in this transitional period. On August 5th and August 20th we wil conduct two identical Middle School Transition Meetings. These will serve as orientations of sorts to help you all transition into this next stage with your protege. The Meeting will include:

-Champions of Hope’s vision for middle school students
-The importance of engaging at the middle school level
-Basic school information about Dade Middle School
-Hearing from current middle school mentors
-Tools to equip you in discipleship
-Dinner will be provided

    We are providing two nights to ensure that every mentor is able to attend. Just as an orientation is vital to new mentors, we see this night as vital to new middle school mentors. Please make every effort to attend one of the nights.

    RSVP by emailing billy@championsofhope.org by August 2nd.

    Location: World Impact Building, 2017 S. Ervay St., Dallas, TX 75215
    Time: 7pm-8:30pm

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