Middle School Transition- Challenges and Pitfalls


Vision for Middle School

1 Timothy 4:12- Our hope is that in the transition period that our young people can learn how to make positive choices to set the example in how they speak, their behavior, how they serve and love others, their faith in God, and sexual purity.

Challenges in middle school:

–If they have not already many of your protégés will push back against authority figures in middle school. This will include you, their parents or guardians and teachers. This is a good time to be honest with you protégé and explain times when it was hard for you to submit to authority but why it is important nonetheless.

–Some middle schools have their own set of challenges:

  • –They have a lack of consistency with staff and continuous principal turnover
  • –Some have a reputation for regular fighting, which can be intimidating for new students.
  • –Discipline is strict, consequences will carry more weight; this would be a great conversation to have before school starts in a few weeks.  

Pitfalls of mentors during the middle school years:

–Keeping things the same, you need to grow with you protégé take this time to relearn them and reset if you need it. They might not enjoy the same things they use to.

–Losing contact with the families- if your protégé gets a phone you are still expected to communicate with the parent it is very easy to use the protégé’s phone but it can be detrimental. Your relationship with the family will affect your relationship during this season so do not move away from that.  

–Not expecting respect- this is a basic expectation we have at CoH so it is important to set ground rules for attitude. Things will happen but the more you can prep on the front end the better off you are.  

–Ignoring the 5s’s- keep these conversations going

  • –You are one of the positive voices in the life of your protégé, use it
  • –If you haven’t started the sexual purity conversation make sure you do now; you can start small but make sure this is a topic your protégé can discuss with you. Gage where your protégé is at and go from there.


Why True Love Waits- Josh McDowell

The Story of God’s Love for You- Sally Lloyd Jones

-Nathan Elizondo, Relationship Coordinator

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