Middle School Boys Bible Study- John 1:6-18 (1/21/12)

Intro- In life we are given the opportunity to tell people about things or experiences that we ve seen. We tell stories, we make videos, and we love to recount amazing things that we ve seen. If we see an amazing dunk (Blake Griffin posterizing Kendrick Perkins) or incredible catch we want to let everyone know.

John the Baptist was no different. His mission was to tell everyone about the amazing person Jesus is. He came to bear witness about the light. His role was to introduce the light and prepare the way for Jesus ministry.


John 1:6-18


  • Why did John come? (v.7)
  • Was John the light? (v.8)
  • What does the light do? (v.9)
  • What happened when the light came into the world? (v.10-11)
  • What right do those who believe in Him have? (v.12-15)
  • What have we received from Christ? (v.16-18)

Gospel Connection-

In Christ we have received grace upon grace. We have received grace through His perfect life, sacrificial, death, and resurrection. Receiving this with grace means it is not dependent on us. We did not save ourselves and all glory and honor goes to Him. We put our faith (trust) in Jesus and His perfection is put on us as our sin was laid on Him at the cross.

We are given the privilege to tell others about this news. We like John are called to bear witness about the light.

Practical Questions-

  • Have you received the grace of God? Trusted in Jesus?
  • If so, how are you bearing witness about the light? (sharing the gospel with others)

Memory Verse-
In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. – John 1:4-5H


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