Mentors of our Word


One advantage I have that most of you do not is to see the big picture of how Champions of Hope unfolds. It’s amazing to see so many people who are committed to investing their lives into a young person. You all have made a huge commitment, and it is encouraging to see you all pushing, even when it’s hard.

Below is an excerpt from a blog that highlights the importance of following through with your word:

“We are commended to be consistently faithful, honest and steadfast, exemplifying commitment to our word in large and small things: in the home, office and gym, around friends, family, acquaintances, strangers and enemies, when financially advantageous or disastrous. We who fear the LORD must live lives marked by the moral virtue of integrity and stay dedicated and disciplined to abide by our word in all things at all times.”

Praise God that so many of you live this out in the context of your relationships. My prayer is that we’d all strive to fulfill our commitments and give glory to the One who is always faithful and committed.

Read the blog in its entirety here.


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