Expectations of Mentors


The only hope for us all is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel drives everything behind our ministry, therefore we want volunteers who believe the same. Every mentor must agree with and sign our Statement of Faith. We ask our mentors to agree to and live out these truths in their relationship with their protégé in word and deed.


Time: We desire to see mentors meet children in 4th grade and mentor them through high school. At a minimum, we ask you to commit to mentoring a child for 2 years. Getting to know a child and building a relationship takes time. Often, the first 12 months go by and mentors realize they are just getting to know their protege and just seeing the child feel comfortable enough to really share their life.

Consistency: A consistent relationship with an adult is extremely important to growth and development of a child. Inconsistency can have strong, negative implications on their development and behavior. We ask our mentors to have consistent communication with their child while they mentor.

Weekly: Communication via phone, email, or mailing a letter or card, etc.

Monthly: Face-to-face time two to four times per month


We ask mentors to stay in regular communication with their relationship coordinator. As you serve in our ministry, we want to support you and hear updates on how things are going. This helps us encourage you, encourage other mentors, and learn how to improve our ministry.

The first 6 months of the relationship are critical and we want to help support you through that time to ensure the relationship lasts. Your relationship coordinator will be in contact with you monthly for the first 6 months. After this time we ask for communication with you quarterly.