Mentor Trainings- 2016-2017

Ongoing mentor training is an essential part of Champions of Hope continued efforts to support and sustain healthy mentoring relationships. As relationships mature there are different obstacles that arise that weren’t present at the beginning of the relationship. Proteges get older and their lives become more complex. Family dynamics change as parents break up, or get out of jail, or go to jail, or get married. All these and more require continued efforts to learn and grow and we believe that’s what mentor trainings provide.

In the past we’ve had mentor trainings and made them optional.  We have seen that the mentors that take advantage of these overall flourish, so effective this year (2016-2017) we are asking that all mentors attend one of three available trainings in a year.

The dates are below:

4th-6th Grade Trainings

–October 22nd

–February 21st

–April 29th

7th-12th Grade Trainings

-October 18th

-February 18th

-April 25th

Failure to attend one in a year will put you into a probationary year with CoH where we’d ask again to attend one training. Failure to attend a training within the probationary year will result in dismissal as an active mentor with Champions of Hope.

If you have any questions about  ongoing trainings please let myself or your coordinator know. We are so thankful for each one of you and the time and effort you devote to the Lord day in and day out.

Grace and peace,

Billy Rose, Director of Mentoring and Discipleship

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