Love Without Wax

Romans 12:9a has been running through my head for the past few days: “Love must be sincere..” When I think about the word ‘sincere’, what comes to mind is legit or genuine. I once heard a pastor talk about this word. It’s origin comes from a pottery term. ‘Sin‘, meaning without. ‘Cere‘, meaning wax. Back when all vases, pots, and other containers were made out of pottery, it was vital for the clay to be solid and one piece. However, many corrupt potters would have broken pots that they’d hide the blemishes with clear wax that couldn’t be seen unless held up to the light. I love the picture painted in this verse with that definition of this word: “Love must be legit; without wax..”

When I think about mentoring my child, I am often confronted with how I love her. My love is selfish and ‘me-focused’ so much of the time! I periodically get upset because she doesn’t respond in a way that I feel is appropriate for the amount of time, energy, heart, and effort I put into whatever I’ve given. But God keeps reminding me that I’m loving her in a way that has so many strings attached. He doesn’t love me like that, why am I falling into that trap? Love with strings attached, isn’t really love at all! It’s just another form of pride and self-love (using another to get the recognition I’m wanting). Praise be to God that He so often shines His Light onto my heart and reveals all the wax found in the love I’m seeking to share with others. Mentoring definitely will quickly show your heart and whether your love is legit or full of wax! May God give us eyes to see our sin and His strength to walk in sincerity, with no strings attached.

-Christina Hickman, Mentor Coordinator


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