Just hanging out together…

I asked mentor Jack Drake to write about hanging out with K (name shortened for safety). They met a few months ago and the relationship is going great. K will be in 6th grade next year in South Dallas. Jack plans to mentor him through high school. Here’s what their weekly meeting looked like last week…

When I picked K up to hang out, it was finally my turn to choose where to eat. Nothing against CiCi s but I was a little tired of it. A co-worker told me about a soul-food place down in Oak Cliff that I should check out, Sweet Georgia Brown s.

As we got into South Oak Cliff, we passed probably one of the more rundown apartment complexes I ve seen. K pipes up HEY, that s where my mom lives, we should go see her! So I told him to call her and if she was around we d swing by after grabbing a bite to eat. She was there, so we went and ate- best chicken sandwich and sweet tea I ve had in DFW by the way- and headed over to meet her.

I met his mom, Tanya, and they were both excited to see each other. She gave me her phone number so I could keep her in the loop of what was going on with him. Come to find out, this apartment complex was where K grew up, and will be staying this summer. He was hollering at a bunch of the kids out the window as we drove in, a reunion of sorts.

We didn t stay long, but it was good to go by and meet his mom. Also, it will be a lot easier to find him in the summer now that I ve already been there.

When K and I are riding in the car, a lot of times there can be silence. It s not awkward, but just quiet. Over the past 6 months I ve really gotten into these Christian hip hop guys- Tedashii, Lecrae, Trip Lee and some others. I had asked K who he liked listening to, he told me, but the names he rattled off I didn t recognize except for Lil Wayne.

Thinking they were fairly similar in sound, I put on some Trip Lee. The first song I put on was Superstar . I was watching him out of the corner of my eye, and as the song got going he, and then we, slowly got more into the music. Started with a simple head bob to the beat, and by the end we even had a little shoulder action bouncing in. The next song that went on was Inexhaustible , he seemed to like that one as well.

That was about all the music we had time for as we rolled up to his house, but I asked him what he thought of Trip Lee. He said he liked it, but he said I don t understand why he kept saying I m not a Superstar? Completely fired up to have an opportunity to share, we just got to walk through why Trip Lee would say something like that. My rough and sloppy explanation rounded out to be basically, “He s saying that he isn t anything special; he s a sinner just like you and me, but there IS someone special worth attention and fame, and he s talking about Jesus.” K just grinned and said he understood that.

I was pumped I got to share, and this whole thing of mentoring is just a constant reminder of how little and inadequate I feel for this task, but the Lord does His thing, and it s awesome to be a part of.

~Jack Drake


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