Small Group Options

Champions of Hope is excited about the possibility of having your small group serve through our ministry in South Dallas! We know the Lord will be glorified when groups who are living out the Gospel together come humbly into loving, Christ-inspired service together.

Our foundation‚

We believe that RELATIONSHIPS built on Christ-centered love and mutual transformation is the key to glorifying the Lord in South Dallas. This belief, that relationships are necessary for any true transformation, is reflected in our opportunities for partnership listed below. All levels of partnership will be most honoring to the Lord if they involve sincere investment in building relationships based on his call to love and go make disciples. This takes time and that is why we have asked a minimum commitment level for each option.


Next Step‚

We ask that every member of the small group attend an orientation to get better acquainted with the organization regardless of the service area. Please contact Marquita Johnson to register for an orientation. (972)273-0029

Options for Partnering

Mentoring (2-9 years)

Members of your group can enter into the mentorship relationship through a one on one relationship with a child. Other members can be involved by getting to know the children and families through those who mentor, praying regularly for specific needs, or helping support the matches financially. Click here to sign up for an information session.


Small Group Leader (1 year)

Weekly bible studies are held in South Dallas for students grades 1st-12th. Small group leaders consistently facilitate discussion with the students in groups of 3-4.

Provide Meals at Bible Studies (1 year)

Your group can provide dinner to the kids, leaders, and mentors once a month (or more). Five to eight members of your group can deliver at 6:00pm and talk with the kids while they eat their meal.


Volunteer at Events (Ongoing Need)

Champions of Hope hosts 6-8 events a year ranging from those that are specific to mentor and proteges to those that are for the entire community. For the latter, we are always in need of extra volunteers to help set up, serve food, talk with community members and clean up. Below are the annual events where we need the most volunteers. If you or your group is interested in joining our volunteer base, please fill out the Volunteer Form.