How to share the Gospel to your protégé (pt.1/3)


Movies have a funny way of stirring our affections. An unsentimental stoic could be moved to tears by the sudden death of an important character. A tepid seat dweller can be moved to a courageous impulse at the sight of a cinematic victory. As we are entranced by the silver screen, our hearts play as strumming agents for screen writers.

Such was the case several months ago when I took my teenage protégé and his friend to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. As we drove from the theater, the pint sized Ebert & Roeper in my backseat began raving about the film we just witnessed. I drove patiently waiting for a chance to interject, thankful that Tolkien had intricately woven the Christian worldview throughout his 1937 classic. I steered the conversation into the direction of Thorin Oakenshield’s darkened heart and subsequent request for forgiveness. From there we had a spirited conversation on the various aspects of Hobbit culture that point back to the gospel.

Sharing Jesus with your protégé happens through intentionality.

Whether that purposeful sharing is a direct gospel message or an indirect segue from the life and events you both share together. It’s a needed conversation in a vibrant Christian discipleship relationship.

The purpose of this blog is to explain how mentors can share the gospel in everyday conversation. Three evangelistic methods to consider is through sharing directly, sharing through the medium of story and sharing through the medium of culture.

This blog has been broken into three parts—be sure to check out “How to Share the Gospel to your protégé parts 2 and 3” for more practical conversation about sharing the gospel.

-Zach Middleton, Relationship Coordinator


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