Girls’ Bible Study- 5/31/12

Bible Study- Ruth 1:6-18

The Main Focus- Walking by Faith

Introduction- What s the definition of faith? Read Hebrew 11:1. Do you have a time when you hoped for something and were sure it would come? This story has an example of both faith and a lack of faith.

Key Passages- Ruth 1:6-18

Scripture & Discussion-

What are the choices made in this passage? (1:6-18)

What can characteristics can we see in this last choice? (16-17)

How do you think Ruth, a foreigner, would be feeling- childless, a widow, not much hope of marriage, and serving her mother-in-law the rest of her life?

How can you see Ruth s choice as being opposite from Naomi s?

Gospel Connection-

How can we be women of faith like Ruth? Read Matthew 6:33. What does it mean to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness? Do you really believe God will grant you ‘all these things in your pursuing Him? Think about this, God did not spare His own Son, but sent Him to die as a cleansing of your sins. That s the ultimate Love and Gift right there! How can we not trust, follow, and believe He ll provide and take care of us?

Practical Questions-

Do you ever worry about finding Mr. Right?

Do you date guy after guy, hoping to find your worth and fill insecurities?

Are you worried about how others view you in school?

Do you often participate in things you know you shouldn t just to seem cool or normal?

Memory Verse- But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33


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