Fall Camping Trip 10/5-10/7

Fall camping is coming!! It’ll be here before you know it. As a staff we are all busy planning and getting excited for Round Two of Camping in the CoH world. Our first trip this Spring was such a great time for mentees and mentors alike (not to mention the staff!). Check out the feedback below to see why you and your mentee should be a part of this October’s trip:
“I loved it!!! I enjoyed being with mentors who were doing the same thing I was. I liked the structure of it, and the girls enjoyed the escape and felt valued, which is huge.”

“Would love to do it again! The trip was very well organized and everything ran smoothly. I was concerned that the mentees were going to get bored, but the mixture of continually changing activities held their attention.”

“The ratio of 1:1 and each mentee knowing that his mentor had an eye on him had to of made each boy feel like they mattered more, too, because each one of them was intentionally being sought out at different points by their mentor.”

“I have to say, my favorite part of the trip was getting to know and spending time with the other mentors and mentees. As mentioned in the email, it gave more of a sense of community. Seeing the bigger picture of what is happening within Champions of Hope as a whole body was a beautiful and encouraging sight.”

And if that’s not enough to convince you to clear your schedule and sign up right now, check out these pictures from two trips:


Hope to see you there!!
-Christina Hickman, Mentor Coordinator
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