Crawfish Boil in South Dallas…

On a warm Saturday in May, Champions of Hope mentors were invited to attend a BBQ and Crawfish Boil at the home of some Village Church members who live in South Dallas, near Cornerstone Church. It was a great afternoon for some outdoor hanging-out and most were excited for some crawfish- whether to eat…

Crawfish fun

or to chase their sisters around with.

Regardless of cuisine preferences, everyone that attended had a great time. The event proved to bring everyone together: families of Champions’ mentors’, mentees’, board members, and donors; as well as Cornerstone members, Village Church members and homegroups, and friends from the neighborhood. Some pitched in to do the ‘cookin’ and boilin’ ‘ while others were playing basketball across the street at Cornerstone. Of course, when it was time to eat — everyone came together.


Here are some pictures of the day!

The Girls (1) DSCF4691

DSCF4643 DSCF4665

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