Boys’ Bible Study- 7/12/12

The Main Focus: Witnesses to Jesus

Imagine that you are in court. There is a person who is being accused of a serious crime and he pleads passionately that he is innocent. But when the trial begins, he has no lawyer to defend him, he is defending himself, and as the trial goes on day after day you notice that there are no witnesses to the crime to defend him. There is only his testimony. How convincing would it be to believe this person? With no witnesses and no one to defend him. Unlike this man Jesus was not on His own. As we see in this passage Jesus had many witnesses that backed up what He had to say and to prove that He indeed was who He said He was.

Key Passages: John 5:30-47

Scripture & Discussion:

  1. How does Jesus judge? Whose will is He seeking? (v.30)
  2. Does Jesus only bear witness about Himself? (v 31)
  3. Who else does? (v.32-35)
  4. What else bears witness about Jesus? (v.36-38)
  5. What were they going to instead of Jesus? (v.39-40)
  6. Where does Jesus not receive glory? Where does He receive glory? (v.41-44)
  7. Who else does Jesus say witnesses about Him? (v.45-47)

Practical Questions:

  • Just as some Jews went to the scriptures but missed Jesus, are there things in life that you can go to that are about Jesus, but you can miss Him?
  • According to v. 40 where is life found? Where do you go to find life, security, happiness, or joy?
  • Is it more about church and rules or about knowing and submitting to Jesus for you?

Gospel Connection

Jesus makes it clear in this text that He not only claims to be the only Savior and God but that He is validated, or given the seal of approval from God the Father, John the Baptist, and the scriptures. They all testify that He is the Christ the savior of the world. And that belief in Him alone is where true and eternal life is found. We must turn from wherever else we think life is found and submit to Jesus. Even if we go to church and read the Bible, our hearts must be pursuing God and loving Him. If not we can, like some of the early Jews miss the whole point of Church and the Bible, which is Jesus Christ.

Memory Verse:

I am the one who bears witness about myself, and the Father who sent me bears witness about me.

John 8:18


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