Boys’ Bible Study- 6/21/12

The Main Focus: Is seeing believing?

Often times people, as a whole have the feeling that if we could see God move in our life in various ways then we d really believe. Whether it s the answering of a prayer, a sign, or the healing of a loved one. We ask God to prove Himself to us for us to trust Him. As we see in these two passages we see that Jesus graciously shows Himself trustworthy and highlights the deep meaning of true faith.


Key Passages: John 4:46-54, John 20:24-29
Scripture & Discussion:

  1. What did the man ask of Jesus? (v.46-49)
  2. What does Jesus say it will take for some to believe? (v.48)
  3. How does Jesus heal the man s son? (v.50)
  4. How did the man know Jesus healed his son? (v.51-54)
  5. What did it take for Thomas to believe? (v. 24-28)
  6. What does Jesus say about those who don t see and believe? (v.28)


Gospel Connection
The call of Jesus to us all is to trust Him, to turn from our sin and rebellion and to follow Him. The Bible often uses the word faith to capture this idea of this radical belief that transforms everything about us. Faith is not always understanding things completely and seeing tangibly God work. Hebrews (11:1) says that faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see Often it takes seeing through the eyes of faith and trusting that God is good and will do what He has promised. Though none of us have seen Jesus with our eyes we believe and trust that on the cross He bore our sins and daily trust and obey His word. Jesus says that we are blessed in our obedience to trust Him with this faith.

Practical Questions:

  • Is there anything in your life that you require to see before you can trust God?
  • What does it show about your heart if you have to always see evidence before you believe?
  • When is it the hardest to trust God?

Memory Verse:

Jesus said to him Have you believed because you have seen me? tBlessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. John 20:29


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