Boys’ Bible Study- 5/24/12

The Main Focus: Humility and Exalting Christ

There are a few times in life when reality sets in. We realize we are going to die, that we can t do everything, that we are limited. These are times that we see how big God is and just how small we are. Unfortunately we do not always see life in this way. In this passage we see a man who powerfully understands his place and Jesus place. He humbles himself to God and exalts Jesus even above his own life.

Key Passages: John 3:22-36
Scripture & Discussion:

  1. Who is someone you d consider famous? Why are they famous? (share story)
  2. According to the scripture, why is anyone famous? (John 3:27)
  3. Why was John the Baptist sent? (John 3:28-30)
  4. What is God s place and our place in life? (John 3:31-33)
  5. Who sent Jesus and why? (John 3:34-35)
  6. What is the result of belief? Of unbelief? (John 3:36)


Gospel Connection
Those who trust in Jesus will humble themselves before Him as they realize that their only hope is the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. They cry like John the Baptist: He must increase, I must decrease. The hard truth is clear in v. 36: if you believe in the Son, you have eternal life, but to whoever rejects the Son, will not see eternal life, but only the wrath of God. Only those who have faith in Jesus can have eternal life because the wrath of God was taken on the cross. For those who don t the wrath of God remains on them into eternity.

Practical Questions:

  • Are you living to make yourself famous or Jesus?
  • Do you believe in the Son? Or have you rejected Him and do not obey Him?


Memory Verse:
He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30


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