Boys’ Bible Study- 5/17/12

The Main Focus: Light and Dark

Light and dark is a simple illustration that is universal. Everyone on the planet understands the concept of light and dark or day and night. In the light we can move and see and live and in the darkness we can conceal, stumble and fall. In this passage Jesus uses this simple illustration to demonstrate a deep truth. God is light and His children walk in the light and those that reject Him walk in darkness.

Key Passages: John 3:19-21
Scripture & Discussion:

  1. Name a time that you ve been in utter darkness. (share story)
  2. Who is the light that entered the world? (John 3:19)
  3. What do people love? Why? (John 3:19)
  4. Why do people not come to the light? (John 3:20)
  5. Who comes to the light? Why? (John 3:21)


Gospel Connection
The bad news of the gospel message is that we all love darkness rather than the light. We have all turned our own way and desire the very thing God hates. We don t come to the light because we don t want our deeds to be exposed. But those who turn to Jesus in faith, come to the light so that their deeds will be carried out in God. They are not perfect but they are forgiven. This is the act of believers to continue to turn from our sin and to trust in Jesus who is without sin.

Practical Questions:

  • Where are you continuing to walk in the dark?
  • What are some things you refuse to bring to the light? (confess)


Memory Verse:
But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God. John 3:21


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