Bible Study- G.O.S.P.E.L.- First Importance

First Importance

For the next couple of months we are going to look at the Gospel. Why would we spend so much time on one thing? Because the gospel is central to the whole Bible. But what does the gospel mean? What would be some good news for you right now?

So the gospel is good news. But what is good news for me may not be good news for you. Let s look at why this is good news for every body.

Read 1 Cor. 15:1-11

The gospel is important and the gospel is simple. Paul says it s the most important thing. So though there may be a lot of things you have questions about we are going to first and foremost come back to the gospel because through it a lot of the other things you want to learn about will be addressed.

It s also very simple: Jesus died for our sins, buried in the ground, and rose from the dead and appeared to many people. It s simple, but there is a lot in that, who is Jesus? Why is His death important? Why did He rise from the dead? So what He appeared to all these people? What does this have to do with me? These are the things we will address.

Let’s look at what the gospel is not. You guys have all heard what the gospel is but this may help you all understand it more clearly.

1) The gospel is not doing whatever I want , living however I want to live and God will eventually forgive me. No that s not the gospel.

2) The gospel is also not going to church, saying the right things, coming to bible study every Thursday, doing good in school, and God will accept me.

3) No the gospel is about Jesus, what He did and you put your faith in Him. So whether you want to wild out and live crazy or whether you want to do everything right, neither way can get you right with God, only faith in Jesus can.

I ll end this part with this scripture.

Read Romans 1:16

When we fully understand what Jesus has done for us and what He means we can t help but to share this truth without shame. Why? Because this is how God saves through people hearing and putting their faith in Jesus.

Paul was a guy who thought he was good with God because of what he knew about God and how much he went to church, but eventually that led him to become a murderer. It took meeting Jesus before he understood that he needed a savior. When he did, he began to tell everyone

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  • Paul writes the gospel is the most important thing when addressing a church, is this true for you? What is the most important things in life to you? why?
  • How is the gospel simple?
  • Mr. Billy talked about two things the gospel is not. Which one of the two have you seen you lean towards in believing? Seen others lean towards?
  • How is the gospel different from those things?
  • Paul says he s not ashamed to share the gospel, to tell people about what Jesus has done, because it s in this that people can be saved. Are you unashamed of the gospel? Why would anyone be ashamed?


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