“Aren’t you going to pray?…”

Originally posted June 2010…

We went and saw a movie on a Wednesday night. It was after dark getting him back so I was in a hurry to get him home. It is a little unsettling for me to hang out in SouthD after dark so we pulled up to his house, I told him I had a good time and that I d see him next week. And he said Hey, aren t you going to pray?

I had made a habit of every time I d come down, before I d drop him off, I d pray over him before he got out of the car. Well, being in a hurry on this night I was just trying to get him out the door and he totally called me out on it! So, we prayed. I prayed for him and then he prayed for me.

It was very humbling, and I m just pumped for more of these.

God IS Mighty to save, that s all I got for any explanation because there is nothing I did, I feel awkward, out of place, and definitely outside of any confidence I may have. I don t understand these things but they sure encourage the heck outta me.

~Jack Drake

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