5’s- Sex- 5th Grade

Fifth graders are typically 10-11 years old, and the earliest age at which a child is first exposed to pornographic material is in this range. The median age is 14 in regard to first exposure. In regard to sexual material (that is not pornographic), exposure is already prominent in readily consumable media such as music, movies, and television. Even though fifth graders are young, it is likely they have been exposed to sexual material! Because of this, it is important to start talking to kids about sex and sexuality at a young age. We want to be proactive about helping them form Biblical opinions!

–Continue to ask questions about the opposite sex and what they think about dating & marriage

–At this age flirting means getting into arguments and shoving matches, so they usually aren t overtly interested

–Ask them what s appropriate in regard to how we treat the opposite sex

–Expose them to media that is enjoyable but holds up appropriate views on sex and gender


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