5 S’s- Sex- 8th Grade

Kids know more than you realize about sex! Don t be afraid to ask them questions, and don t expect their answers to be Biblical. We want to listen well, show that we are interested in hearing about what they think, and guide them toward Biblical understanding by reasoning with them, not just lecturing at them. Marriage is a vague concept for many of our kids. Help kids understand God s design for sex and marriage, even if they have never seen it modeled well. Be aware (and sensitive to the fact) that kids may have baggage in this area of their life. A middle schooler may have had sex, watched pornography, and/or or been a victim of sexual abuse. Be ready to walk alongside these situations with truth, grace, and compassion. Be ready to talk about modesty, homosexuality, and teen pregnancy.

–If your protege has a girlfriend/boyfriend (or even a crush); be nosy! Ask lots of questions and listen closely. Consider even going on a double date

–Bring them to a wedding if you have the opportunity to do so. This is a fun way to talk about God s intention for sex and marriage

–Go to the purity conference if you get the opportunity


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