5 S’s- Sex- 7th Grade

In 7th grade, most of the students have gone from a bashful interest in dating to a vested interest in dating. This may be with someone of the opposite sex, or it could be with someone of the same sex. It s relevant to note that the average age a person first views pornography is 12 years old. This means that by the time they have hit 7th grade, they have been already exposed to sexually explicit material. These circumstances, paired with their changing bodies due to puberty, make for an interesting time in their lives. The desire for peer approval influences their decisions in regard to sex & dating more and more.

–Ask about their relationships & crushes. Value how they feel and add advice only after thoroughly listening

–Men, have a talk about what it means to be a Biblical man and what it means to pursue a woman in a way that honors God

–Women, have a talk about what it means to live Biblically and what it looks like to have God honoring relationships

–Watch an age appropriate movie with dating and relationships as a theme

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