5 S’s- Service- 8th Grade

Most middle school students do not want to serve others. If your kid doesn t have a regenerate heart, that perspective is understandable: I mean, our motivation for serving is to honor God and love people. From a worldly perspective, serving doesn t actually make sense. Choosing to give our time or resources to someone else is costly for us. As Christian adults, we understand that because Jesus served us, we serve as a reflection of His character! If your protege doesn t enjoy serving others, start small and practical. Serve together so they can see you modeling a servant s heart. Make sure to explain the WHY behind serving.

–Visit those who are in need (at a homeless shelter, prison, etc.) and serve there together.

–Dallas Life has let middle school students serve before ‚Äì you can contact them and see if you could go there

–If your small group at church is doing some type of service project, ask if you can bring your protege along


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