5 S’s- Service- 5th Grade

In some cases, a 5th grade student has not been encouraged to serve but simply to do what is necessary. Examples include the commands to clean your room or wash your clothes. Adults may view the child as an inconvenience, whether in the classroom or in the home. Let a child know that they have inherent value, dignity, and worth because they were created in the image of God. As a result, they have much to offer and, because they were uniquely created, they have been gifted to give. Encourage your protege in the Lord s desire to work through them by affirming them individually as well as teaching them the importance of serving others.

–Ask your protege to help you with a project or chore

–Ask them what they would like to do to make the world a better place and find an opportunity to do that if one is available (if one is not, then encourage them in it)


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