5 S’s- Service- 4th Grade

Elementary school children are often naturally more giving and open to serving than older children are. Middle school and high school are usually the time when selfishness and a strong inward focus emerge. So, 4th grade is a really great time to capitalize on your protege s sensitive heart. Using your hang out times to lay a foundation for service is highly important when developing a ‘ servant s heart. You don t necessarily need highly planned or structured service projects. In fact, some of the best teaching times just pop up when our eyes and hearts are open to what the Lord is putting around us!

–Do chores at home together (yours and theirs)

–Help an elderly neighbor do yard work

–Serve at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or nursing home

–Bake cookies or a meal for someone in need

–Take a walk through their neighborhood and talk through needs/things you ‚Ä®see


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