5 S’s- School- 8th Grade

Success in school can be a bit of a moving target. When you are looking at grades, look for consistency (did their grades drop dramatically, get better, or stay about the same?). Remember we are interested in a Biblical view of school, which is centered on worth ethic and character, not on grades alone. With that said, if your proteges grades drop dramatically, something may be going on. Be aware of how their performance is trending. Since we are interested in their character, there are a number of things that may point to how they are doing. Be aware of disciplinary issues, truancy/ absences, respect for teachers, cheating on assignments, etc. Make sure that, when you are asking the kids about school, your questions show that you care about their character and not just their achievement.

–If your kid is interested in a magnet high school, applications come out around Christmas time. Help him/her navigate the magnet school process

–The sports have a no pass, no play policy. Help your protege understand that fun opportunities only come alongside a willingness to work hard

–E-mail your protege s teachers and ask how things are going in the classroom


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