5 S’s- School- 5th Grade

In 5th grade, your protege will be in their final year of elementary school before moving on to a middle school. It is around this time that any positive or negative character or behavioral traits, including their work ethic in regard to education, begin to become more evident. It is increasingly important to help them progress in their reading level by continuing to introduce reading material. Your protege will be required to communicate via writing more and more as they get older, and it would be wise to allow them the space to express themselves through writing. Finally, mathematics will become increasingly more difficult if they fall behind. They will be expected to learn basic algebraic principals (y= 3+2), which makes Order of Operations (PEMDAS ) a useful tool to learn. As you continue to grow in your relationship, help your proteges learn how to think critically and academically.

–Learn real world applications what they are learning in school

–Ask practical questions about money math

–Ask your protege to write you a letter proposing what they d like to do on a hangout


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