5 S’s- School- 12th Grade

We want to prioritize graduation as a goal for each of our students. Encourage and support your protege at the end of high school, helping him or her to finish well. Be aware of grades and absences, making sure that your protege aren t giving up at the end of the race. If your protege has the opportunity to take any dual enrollment or advanced placement classes and strive for college credit, that can be an excellent option for college-bound proteges. Senior year, our focus is finishing well. Encourage your protege to continue working hard even though the end goal is in sight!

–Help your protege see their school as their context for ministry– equip your protege to serve, evangelize, lead, and invest in school

–Celebrate graduation! Your protege might be the first person in his or her family to graduate college– make sure to celebrate and encourage your protege in this accomplishment


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