5 S’s- Salvation- 12th Grade

A senior who is a believer should have a personal devotional life (prayer, scripture study, etc.) that is encouraged by, but not dependent on, his or her mentor. Our hope would be that a 12th grader could step into leadership opportunities and use his or her gifting to serve, teach, and grow the younger kids. We also hope that our seniors have a faith that is deep enough rooted that they are ready to go off to college or other pursuits without losing their foundation. As a mentor, you want to be able to both disciple your protege and push him or her to seek out leadership opportunities.

–Let your protege take the initiative to lead a discussion of the book of the Bible between the two of you

–If your protege enjoys and is gifted in teaching, talk to a coordinator about having him or her help out with teaching or small groups in Bible study


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