5 S’s- Salvation- 8th Grade

Young teenagers are trying to figure out their identity. Our hope for kids is that they might understand that their identity is found in Christ. Help your protege see that, if he/she believes the gospel, his/ her worth and identity are rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ. We want kids to understand that salvation isn t dependent on what we do (go to church, pray before bed, obey our parents, etc.), but that our salvation is dependent on God s grace alone. An 8th grader is capable of having a personal devotional life and practicing spiritual disciplines, but it will take some guidance from Christian adults to learn how to understand and apply scripture.

–Bring your protege to Bible study and engage him/her in conversation about the topics presented

–Slowly read through a book of the Bible together and help your protege learn how to understand and apply the Bible; let your protege help decide which book to read

–Pray together regularly; encourage him/her to pray out loud with you

–Encourage your protege to keep a prayer-journal to help prayer seem like a ‚Ä®more tangible concept


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