5 S’s- Salvation- 5th Grade

In 5th grade, most students who have been attending school in the area for awhile have developed who their friends are. They have been deeply influenced by the people they have been around the most: both family and friends included. In regard to family, blood matters; but in regard to salvation, the blood of Christ matters more. Hopefully by this point, you have had a year of mentoring under your belt. Even if you haven t been mentoring that long, it s still a good time to introduce and explore the conversation of God as Father and the church as a new family.

–Attend a church function (e.g., a Men s group or Women s breakfast) together

–Watch a film about family and discuss (e.g., Courageous or Wreck-It Ralph)

–Invite them to family celebrations and share with them how in Christ we are made into family

–Invite them to a church family celebration (baptisms, a church picnic, etc)


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