5 S’s- Salvation- 11th Grade

For a junior who is a believer, our hope would be that they are a functioning member of a local church, have a grasp on understanding and applying the gospel, and are growing in both personal devotion and pursuit of the Lord. A mentor whose protege is a believer should come alongside as a more mature believer and disciple their protege by pushing them to Christ in all areas of life. For the mentor whose student is not a believer or is still searching, continue to point them to the gospel. Depending on their background, they may have a tendency to have many questions about obscure Bible stories or objections to faith by experience or popular thoughts of the day (evolution, etc.). Don t dismiss these but continue to point them to Jesus as our hope. Don t be afraid to say I don t know and/or to point them to books that may address their questions.

–Read a book concerning Biblical worldview (sex, art, family, money) together and discuss how submitting to Christ affects every area of life

–Encourage regular attendance in the CoH Bible study, especially if they have questions about faith


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