5 S’s- Future Story- 8th Grade

Help your protege think strategically and practically about the future. Help them to identify areas of interest or aptitude and to develop those. Middle school is the time to start thinking practically and realistically about post-high school options. Younger kids often times have lofty dreams that are disconnected from reality (they want to be the president or a ballerina). When they are young, that s okay; but as they get older, we should help kids think realistically and be able to identify the necessary steps to turn dreams into realities. It is hard to successfully accomplish anything without a realistic understanding of what it takes. As you help develop your protege into a young adult, you may also want to help them understand practical skills, such as money and time management, nutrition and health, and Biblical conflict resolution.

–If you have a friend who works in a career field your protege is interested in, find out if your protege could shadow your friend for an afternoon

–Train for a 5k together or do something else that helps your protege learn to care for his/her body

–Talk about nutrition as you cook a meal together


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