5 S’s- Future Story- 7th Grade

7th grade students are in transition: they are no longer elementary students but not yet high school students. As they continue to develop, their behavior may seem very sporadic, ranging from thoughtful and mature to immature bursts of energy. Give the kids space to learn and grow, while carefully encouraging them to maturity. Focus on long-term heart change, not just short-term behavioral modification. Help your protege learn to think about their decisions in a way that recognizes the impact of their choices on the future.

–Ask about school, friends, and family (and listen!)

–Share with them about your middle school years

–Watch a film that address the 5s and discuss what that looks like in their life ‚Ä®and what that could look like in the future

–Listen to an artist that your protege listens to and discuss the messages in ‚Ä®their songs

–Encourage them in who they are


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